My power cannot be overturned.

There’s a lot of people feeling very triggered or defeated by the ruling from across the sea yesterday.

I get it.

It feels like a step backward.

It is.

It is so archaic it is hard to believe.

But here’s the thing, they’re amping up a backlash against women’s freedoms because we are stepping more and more into our personal power.

And we cannot give up, or get disheartened now.

Our true freedom cannot be quashed by any law.

Our undeniable power as women is an inside job.

Our resilience, our connection to each other, our ability to create and destroy is INNATE.

It cannot be ruled against.

It cannot be taken away.

So get mad, sure.

Rise up and speak out, yes.

But do not give away your power by giving into fear.

Women, and the business of women has be subjugated for thousands of years.

We are not new to this.

But we have never had more power than we do now.

We are in a time now where we have the ability to connect with each other, locally and internationally, in ways we have never seen before.

Keep connecting.

We have ways beyond measure to be seen and heard, to share our voices with the world.

Keep sharing.

A myriad of outlets to inspire, provoke, heal, nurture and grow.

To make our own choices, to support each other’s choices.

We have the responsibility to each other and our future generations of women to keep igniting our innate power, our intuitive abilities and our natural calling for connection.

To work together.

To rise together.

To protect each other.

To find ways, laws or no laws, to make sure the most vulnerable amongst us are seen and heard and protected.


To continue to educate women everywhere in our life given capacities to create and destroy.

Because it is our birthright.

Grabs for power are the moves of the frightened.

And there are no coincidences.

There is an intentionality to each move we see play out.

And they are coming at us in subtle and not so subtle ways because they fear us.

They are trying to blur the lines around womanhood, motherhood, our rights of passage and our bodies.

But they cannot outlaw our wisdom.

They cannot stop us from trusting in it, passing it on and passing it down.

Not unless we let them.

So I ask you this, can you channel that anger, that disbelief, that despair into bold curiosity?

Can you start to question all the invisible scripts we live out as women that were written to keep us small?

Every time you are told something that goes against your intuitive senses, question question question.

Every ‘norm’ that seems unnatural, that feels off, question question question.

Do it in your inner workings, your programming and conditioning.

Do it in your family systems, your social networks, your communities and your society.

Question it all.

More of it was written into being by people who had no business making these decisions for us than we realise.

And the more we wake up to, and start to shift away from these outdated, misaligned ways of being in the world the more we step into our power.

So yes, get mad.

And yes, expect the backlash.

But do not give into it, and to not give away your power.

Keep rising, keep creating, keep lifting each other up, keep shifting the way we raise the next generations, keep healing, keep speaking up for each other.

Because they have only seen the beginning of how powerful we can be, and now is the time we step into all that we are and we show them what we’re made of.