Can we let ourselves just feel it?

Let go of the need to explain, to justify, to attach meaning to it?

Can we give ourselves permission to feel without judgement?

To notice where what is coming up, and where it’s sitting in our physical body?

Without trying to fix or change or make or do, just let ourselves feel?

It's often the feelings about our feelings and thoughts about our thoughts that cause our sense of suffering.

When we practice observing without interpreting we create space for our emotions to flow through us.

When we let go of trying to control and allow the messages our feelings direct us to, we often uncover the deeper need within us asking to be seen and heard.

If this was never modelled for us, it can seem challenging at first. But with focused attention we can unlearn the old habits and with practice start to cultivate the power of observation.

In the space between what we experience and how we experience it, there is freedom to be enjoyed, in joy, regardless of what’s going on.