I am.

I am not my thoughts.

I am not my feelings.

I am not the varied roles I take on in this life of mine.

I am not my experiences.

I am not my circumstances.

I am not my work.

I am not my strengths, my weaknesses, my hopes, my losses, my belongings, my gender, my beliefs, my friends, my heritage, my desires, or my dreams.

And yet, I am.

I am myself, at any given moment.

I am myself, doing my best, with the internal and external resources I have access to in this moment.

And in the next.

And in all the moments past, and in those to come.

Everything around me can change

- does change

- is changing.

Nothing is certain, nothing guaranteed.

But here, in my centre, I remain.

Here, in my heart, I am constant.

Here, in this knowing, I am safe.

Here, beyond the rest, yet in amongst it all, I can allow things to be exactly as they are.

I can trust without the need to understand.

I can be.

I am.